Friday, March 31, 2006

Great Day

Wonderful day yesterdayDate: 3/31/2006
We got to get outside yesterday while the weather was just beautiful. Adeline got to experience grass fro the first time!! She was not too sure about it and she was VERY apprehensive about trying to walk on this green, unstable, lumpy stuff.She just squatted down and touched the grass. She would put one blade in between her fingers and try to pull it. It was so cute to watch her soak it all in. I did get her walking a few steps on it. I can't wait until the weather breaks for good, and we can just love it outside all the time!I was able to get all the flower beds cleane dout while she was napping! I can accomplish things and be a Mama at the same time!! I was beginning to wonder if there was anything other than play time as a Mama. I can;t believe how much time can be spent playing with a toddler and loving every minute of it! Things are definitely different when the child is your own!!!!!!She has been doing great with meeting all the new people in her life. Everyone has been so considerate of the many changes in her little life, but have been wonderful! Hope you all have a great weekend!!Love,Tamie and Adeline

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, decisions.Date: 3/30/2006
Yesterday I decided that we were noyt going to disrupt our lives too much for Spring Break. We had been invited to go to FL with some very dear friends. I really had a hard time deciding what to do.Considering everything little Addie Mei has been through in the last 3 weeks, I decided it was best for her to stay here. She is just starting to settle into a routine and I do not want to through that off. I don;t think I would have then energy to dea with her if she regressed again.If we go anywhere, we will go up to MI to meet the rest of her family. It is only a 4 hour drive, not 15, and her uncles and cousins would love to meet her!!!Addie Mei seems to be on the mend. Her cough is improving, still harsh, but better. She also is getting much more comfortable in the house. She has left the room where I am 3 times to venture on her own through the house. I stay right where I am and make no sounds to see what she will do. She gets a bit nervous when she realizes that I am not following her, but she comes back and all is well!!! It is so amazing to watch her learn so much in such a short amount of time!Hugs from us both!!Tamie and Adeline

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Slowly adjustin

Slowly adjustingDate: 3/28/2006
Adeline seems to be slowly adjusting to her new life. She has had a good day today. Yesterday was not so good. I know it is ging to take her soem time to settle into a routine with me and her new friends Missi and Waddles.She seems to be feeling a bit better. Still has a nasty cough, but it does seem to be improving. I am so happy to see more of her smiles. It seems to take a bit less to get them to come out and they seem to stay a bit longer than before. She has sucha beautiful smile. I am so thankful she uses it!!My friends have been so wonderful down here. They have been so generous with their time, meals, and just listening when we are struggling. I know God put me here for a reason and surrounded me with such great people!!!I will try to keep this updated for now. Not sure how long we will use this site. I have really enjoyed it, though!!Thanks for your prayers! God's hand was truely on us this entire time!Tamie and Adeline

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sick One

Little sick one.Date: 3/25/2006
Well, we found out today that Addie has pneumonia. She has had a cough ever since I got her. It didn't seem that bad, but I started her on antibiotics anyway in China. We only did 2/3 of the dose, but at least it seemed to help her a little. Her chest x-ray indicates that she has pneumonia in her right lung. We are on a stronger antibiotic. Her fever seems to be gone and she is a bit more energetic.Sleeping is still an issue, as I expect it to be for a few more days, if not weeks. I sleep when she sleeps. We will make it!!Thank you to all of you dfor your calls and your emails and visits. They are all appreciated!!!I must head to bed, as I expect to only get a few hours sleep tonight.God bless,Tamie and Adeline

Friday, March 24, 2006

Settling In

We are home and settling in.Date: 3/24/2006
We are home!!!!!!!!!!! What an adventure the last few days have been. To start with, my daughter is a trooper!! She did fantastic on the flights home!! Another testimony to answered prayers!! She only cried when we were boarding the plane or when we were getting off. She drank her bottle through take offs, and slept through landings!!! She also had a great trip frmo Beijing. She slept for 8 hours! The airline set us up with 2 isle seats and an open seat in the middle so we could lay her down. She did great! She loved walking the isles when she was awake. Everyone seemed to like hearing her squeaky shoes coming! Many of the older women tried to hold her. She let a couple of them, but not too often.Now that we are home, we are onto transition number 2. Adeline did great at the airport. We had so many friends and famiyl there to greet us and our friends that were with us. It was truely overwhelming for me. She did great, I was the one overwhelmed. My track team surprised me with most of my throwers there! That was a grreat surprise.Addie Mei was not too imporessed with the car seat. She was tired, dehydrated from the plane, and not wanting to be apart from Mama. It was a long trip home.She has had a hard time adjusting to the time difference. Her little body is all messed up. Yesterday she started running a fever and just not feeling well. We went to the doctor for our prescheduled appointment. She looks good, except she is way too light. only 18 lbs 11 oz. She is 20 months old. The doctor is wondeful! I am very happy to have found her. We have her starte on antibiotics for the fever/ear issues and we have to go tomorrow for chest x-rays. She has a nasty cough to go with that fever. Just wanting to make sure we aren't dealing with pneumonia.We both got some much needed sleep this afternoon. 2.5 hours straight. We are improving. I just laid her down for the "night." I pray she sleeps at least 4 hours straight. Hoer little body clock thinks it is nap time, not night time.I will try to get some more pictures up tomorrow. If I get some good sleep tonight, I will work on it during her naptime.I thank you all for your wonderful comments on the guestbook. It has been great to hear from you all!Will try to keep you up to date on our adjustments, but things are a bit hazy right now for us.Love,Tamie and Adeline

Monday, March 20, 2006

Coming home

We are coming home!!!!Date: 3/20/2006
Wow, I can't believe it is time to come home. Although I was ready a week ago, it seems like it is too soon.My daughter has really opened up. It is amazing how much she has changed over the last week. Many group members have said that she is a totally different person. I know all of the kids have brightened up!!I keep having many people tell me how much Adeline looks like me. I love to hear that, ans can only answet that God had intended for us to be together from the start.I have taken some time in the last day to think about what all Addie Mei can do now, that she couldn;t do 9 days ago. She can grasp a cheerio, and put it in her mouth, she can walk a lot better than she had been, she can eat table food without gagging. She really likes spagetti!!! She can put the shapes into the proper spots on the ball they go in, she can switch toys into the opposite hand, she loves her bath and loves to splash!!! She has warmed up to Brenda, finally. She loves her new stroller. She can help herself out of a tantrum when I say to her "Up Please." It has been so neat to watch her open up!!! Today we had our "Red Couch" picture. All 15 kids at one time on and around one couch. They did great!! But guess who was the first and only one to cry?? Come on guess!! Yup, my dear, sweet Adeline!! I give her credit. She is the youngest of our group by 7 months, so she is entitled to soemextra tears. The oldest is 12 years old. We have quite the age spread. Addie Mei is almost 20 months up to 12years.We leave tomorrow morning!! So when you are reading this, we should be one our way to the airport or on the plane. Please pray hard for the trip to go well for all of us!! It is going to be a long day for everyone, not to mention repeating the day once we are in the US.Our flight is scheduled to come into Indy airport at 10:09pm on Continental flight 2517W.Our last bit of official business is at the Consulate today at 2:30pm. Shirley, our guide, said all the paperwork is in order for all of the families. We had quite the celebration on the bus when she said this.No new pictures today, as I had to pack the cord for the memory card reader. You will just have to wait until I get home! I have over 600!!!!Thank you all for all of your support! I couldn't have made it through this adventure without it!!!Love, Tamie and Adeline!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

2 more days

2 more days!!Date: 3/19/2006
I am so glad to be counting down the days before I come home!!Adeline is still doing well. She has had a very good last 24 hours. She went to sleep last night without a tear, as well as her nap today. We tried to go swimming but it was raining and chilly outside, so we just took some pictures of her in her little suit. Sorry, Vicki, it fits her so you can't have it!I have begun packing. There is a whole lot of stuff to pack back into 4 suit cases. I hope it all fits without going too far over the weight limit. I am leaving some things here. We have our Consulate Appointment tomorrow and then we get to come home. We are supposed to go to a Botanical Garden today, but it is raining. I do not know if we will go still. I guess we will find out later.Lunch just arrived, gotta run.Keep praying!!!Love ya,Tamie and Adeline

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Meet my new daughter

Meet my new daughter!Date: 3/18/2006
It is obvious that you all have been praying for this little girl. After an aweful last couple of days, someone turned a switch in Adeline and a new baby has emmerged.Yesterday, late afternoon, Brenda took her while I had about an hour worth of paperwork to do. She was due for an attempt at a bottle, so Brenda tried. She took 14 ounces!!!! After that she was a changed soul.When I came upstairs she was playing by the elevators. She was all smiles and came to me. She actually let me walk away also as I had to go t the room for some paperwork. When I cam eout of the the room, she got a big grin on her face and came "running" down the hall. She had her arms open wide and came right in to shatter Mama's heart!!She has been all smiles and fun ever since. Last night, I did help her to sleep one more time. She slep through the night for 11 hours. Only stirred once. She played so hard last night, she was tuckered out.This morning she has been fun. She is still eating well. The sores in her mouth seem to be getting worse, but she is eating at least. We think it is actually thrush, and will get her treated as soon as we get home. She has an appointment with her pediatrician on Friday, right away.We went to a museum as a group today. My how we have grown. There are 20 more peole than we started with. 16 new "babies" and one more family. We hardly fit on a bus. It was a lot of fun to see allthe babies running around!! All are at different stages of couping right now. Some are doing great, others not so well, but all are improving.We stopped at a pearl market. WOW!!!!!!!!! I have never seen so many pearls in one place at one time. I did some serious whelling and dealing, and come out very good!!!! All I have to say is that my niece and nephews are all set for their weddings!! Adeline too!!I am so ready to be home. It is fun here and all, but I just want to get my baby in her own home!!! I can't wait for you all to meet her. I pray she handles the plane trips well. We will have three in 25 hours.Please keep in touch. It has been so wonderful to get the emails from you all. It really helps to oopen up the email and see so much love being poured out on us. It has been a great strength for me in this rollarcoaster of an ordeal.See ya on Wednesday!!!!!Love,Tamie and Adeline

Friday, March 17, 2006

4 more days

4 more daysDate: 3/17/2006
Hey evereyone,We have had a rough last coupl of days here. Adeline has stopped drinking a bottle, and eating anything that is not a cheerio. We noticed something in her mouth and looked. She has some sort of rash in her mouth.I took her back to the doctor with the rest of the group and they said she has an ulcer from a lack of vitamins. We have come to the point of having to force anything into her via syringe. I am even forcing pedialyte through the syringe. She hates it and fights so hard. For someone so little, she is strong.Sleeping is not much better. She has to be hungry and thirsty, and tired. When I try to get her to go to sleep, she fights so hard. I have decided to try letting her "put herslef to sleep" while I sit right beside the crib so she knows I am there. I had her sleep with me last night hoping it would help, and it did not. So we are sticking with the crib, at least this way I can sleep when she actually gives it up.Now that it sounds like I am absolutley regretting this adoption, I am not!! I love this little girl more than i ever thought I could. It is so hard ot see her in distress, and not know how to help her. It seems anything I try makes it harder for her, so I let her work it out. I just make sure she knows I am there.I ask you to pray for us in these last few days. Pray for her to feel better and be able to eat and drink again. I hate having to force things down her. Also pray ofr us as we are facing a very long flight home. I do not know how she will handle the flying.Love,Tamie and Adeline

Thursday, March 16, 2006

no caps

no capsDate: 3/16/2006
typing one handed with lil miss no nap on my lap. so no caps and this will be short.mama has been plagued with Moa's revenge. hopefully the immodium ad i took will help. i have been so careful to not eat or drink anything i shouldn't, too.Adeline had her doctor visit today. she did not like it, but dealt fine with it. she only weighs 19 pounds, a\ bit less than expected. she did only have one layrer of clothes this time. they sure do bundle them.will try to post more laterlove tamie and adeline

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Suixi SWI Visit

Suixi SWI VisitDate: 3/15/2006
It is Thursday afternoon here, and Adeline is sleeping. I thought I would try to fill you in on yesterday.First of all, Adeline made it through the last 2 nights without any further terrors, PTL!! She has been waking up at 3:30am and then going back to sleep, but last night she slep through the night for 11 hours!! Brenda must have tried her put yesterday.I left very early in the morning to take a plane to Zhanjiang, the city where Suixi is located. It was only about a 45 minute flight. Director Han was at the airport waiting for me with a HUGE smile on his face!! He is such a dear, sweet man. He has been the director of this orphanage for 15 years!!He took us to lunch, I ate things I never thougth I would like sheep, turtle, shrimp, fully cooked in the sheel and with the head and feet. It was all delicious!! THe two vice directors and 2 accountnats met us for lunch also.We had a lot of time to talk, and Helen translatted for me. She is out local guide her in Guangzhou. She went with me, while another guide went with our other family to their SWI.The vice director who handed Adeline to me at the Civil Affairs said she was very surprised at how Adeline responded to me. She is very affraid of stangers, and normally cries when the are around her. (Be aware of this at the airport for those who are coming). She said she had never expected her to be so calm and comfortable with me. I knew in my heart this was a n answer to many, many, many prayers that she would know me and that God would put a picture of me in her heart!!!!They told me all about Suixi and its culture. They talked about legends of the area and things they are proud of.At the SWI, or orphanage, they served us mangos grown right htere. They were delicious! They snet me back to Guangzhou with some of them for Adeline.Director Han presented me with a book on Suixi. It is a history of the city. Helen translatted some things for me, so I know what it is saying about the SWI. He then took me on a small tour.I was able to visit her actual room. Her bed is still empty, and her name is still on the plaque. It was very difficult fo rme to see her bed empty and see the other 34 babies in the room still waiting. They introduced me to her best friend. Her name is Sui Chun Heng. I took a very nice picture of her. In th epictures the orphanage took with the disposable camera, they are in the crib together at meal time.This was a tough stop for me. I had envisioned her in oneof the smaller rooms with nly 12 babies in it. Instead there was 35 , inculding her, and only 2 nannies. Praise God she is with me now, but the site of those others will haunt me. It took every ounceof strength I had to not pick up Chun Heng and walk out with her too.I did not get any footage of the SWI as my camcorder decided to have issues on the way there. I do no know what is wrong with it, but it is not viewing things in color, and mostly whites everything out. Oh, well....The next step was to drive 1.5 hours to the site she was found. It was sereal to drive the very road that she took on her way to the SWI. She was only 2 days old when she was on that road.We arrived, and they took me to actual spot she was found. I was the object of much attention byt the locals, as I look very different from them. I didn't pay as much attention to them at first as I did to the piece of concrete where my baby girl lay for the first few hours of her life.I was told more about her first days. I do not want to post the details, as this is private for her.Director Han was very excited to be here also. He took lots of pictures of me standing at the site Adeline lay. I tried to look into the eyes of the people there. They seemed to have a little spark of life that i had not seem in many of the other nationals here. I took a lot of pictures of the street and the people. Many were shy and scared, but some allowed me to take their picture.The driver was very patient with us, as i wanted pictures of the countryside. He would stop when we came across something I wanted to snap. I have some great pictures to share!!!I am so thankful that I went. I have so much more to give to Adeline than i had thought I would. This trip was worth every penny I had to spend.Helen and I had to spend 6 hours at the airport. I am very happy we waitedin the building, as they locked it. They closed down in between flights. We were locked inside. By the way, they DO NOT HEAT their buildings. I was shivering!!!!! Me, who is always hot, shivering, chattering teeth, the whole bit. We finally got back to Guangzhou at 1am. I had prayed Adeline would sleep through the night. SHe did!!!!! She woke up well and seemed happy I was there. It was the first morning, she woke right up and seemd awake and ready to go. I actually got a smile out of her before 4 pm. Usally she doesn't loosen up until the later afternoon.This morning, she ate very well, she allowed me to have her walk while holding my finger, and she even played without me holding her in the Swan Room. We played chase. I was trying to make a game out of it,she was just trying to catch me so I would hold her. She handle it well. The squeeky shoes really help her want to walk!! She loves to here them squeek. She stomps down when she walks to make them louder. My smart cookie!!!This is long enough, but I wanted to thank you all again for all your prayers. She does seem to be improving!! 1 more week!!!!Love Tamie and Adeline
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Not all rosey

Not all rosey!Date: 3/14/2006
I think Adeline is starting to deal with some of the changes in her life. Yesterday, we went out for dinner. She waas quite clingy all night, not that this is new. On the ride home she initiated me into Mommyhood with a nice blanketful of vomit. I did very well for those of you who know how sensitive my stomach is to such matters. I usually am the sympathetic vomitter. Her little tummy was just a rumbling for the rest of the night. Once she went to sleep, she did fine until abut 3am. She woke up screaming. I know her tummy was rolling again. She finally fell back to sleep drapped on her tummy across mine. At 5am, she introduced me to something I had prayed I would not have to witness, a night terror. It was so strange to see her so aggitated and aggressive, yet know she was still sleeping. She settled after about 1/2 hour, then sleep until 7:30am.She has been very, very lathargic today. She has been slumped over and extra clingy. She has refused to walk or let us put her down. Even in the room, where she seems comfortable. She woke up very hard this morning. We finally had to put her in the tub to wake her enough to eat. She finally took a a bottle of water. I think she is somewhat dehyradrated, as she did not eat well yesterday.I am going to go to Suixi tomorrow. I will be going without Adeline. It is going to be very hard for me to leave her, even though I know that she is in perfect hands. The only problem is that those hands ar enot Mama's and she has only known the Mama hands for 2 days. I think the trip woul dbe too much on her. The lesser of the two problems is to leave her here. I pray she does well for Brenda. She is not liking it when I leave her with Brenda right now.I know tomorrow will be very emotional for me. I am going to get to go to her finding site and tour the orphanage. We will be spending all day there and returning late tomorrow night. I will not post tomorrow.Thank you to each of you for your emails. The support has been so needed. I knew this would be hard, but I couldn't have been prepared for everything.Love ya,Tamie

Monday, March 13, 2006

It's official

It is official!!Date: 3/13/2006
Wow, what a day today has been, and it is only noon. Adeline has blessed her mama by eating some congee and also taking her bottle with rice cereal in it. I have heard of babies not eating for days, and I am so thankful all is well!!!We started off with a visit to the registration office. There I had to answer questions and sign papers! When I signed the Nottary paper, she said congratulations, you are her mama!! Wow, it is official!!' There were lots of places to stop, I think 3 different offices. It was very overwhelming!!We had her passport pictures taken and then back tot he hotel, where she is sleeping!!I did get the news that we will be able to visit the orphanage!! Brenda will be styaing back at the hotel with the husband of another famil and his sister-in-law. We will be flying and a guide will be going with us, so both families decided to have the mama, baby and guide go. This is an answer to prayer! I continue to pray that we can get to her finding site. We will be going on Wednesday. The rest of the group will be joining us on Friday! I can't wait to see the Gonzalez's!!!!Adeline is opening u pa bit more each hour. She is actually able to play by herself with me about 2 feet from her. She very much wants to be help by me, and I am more than willing to accomodate her inthat! I know I may regret it later, but she deserves all the hugging and sqeezing possible right now!!!!!!!!! She has been a trooper!Thank you for all of the emails!! They ar wonderful and it is so nice to hear frm you all back at home! It is very difficult to be so far away!! I can not possibly respond to all of them, but please keep writing!! Mostly, I will answer everything t hrough this! I read all the emails and then try to send the update,.I was able to get more pictures on the site. So go through the albums and see if you can catch the new ones. I gues her nap time is going to be better for uploading pics. No one else is in the hotel at this time!!!Love to yu all!!Tamie and Adeline

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Gotcha Day!!!

Gotch a Day!!!Date: 3/12/2006
Wow, what a day. I hope I can capture everything in a condensed manner. I am very tired right now, so please forgive the typos.We arrived in Guangzhou at about 1pm and Helen was waiting for us at the airport. She took us to the hotel, 45 minute drive, and told us to meet in the obby at 2pm. Yes, so the math!! 15 minutes to get the luggae upstairs, unpack the gifts, and get downstairs, all while trying to keep my mind together.We arrived at the Civial affairs office at 2:15. My friends son wa there waiting for them! He had a good initial transition, then had alittle harder time. His name is Brett, andI am sure he and Addie Mei are going to be friends!!Addie Mei was not yet in the building at this time. I was a bit sad to know that they drove her in on the same day. This is a long drive for her and then to be handed to a perfect stranger.At about 3pm, in they come!!!!!!!!! Helen told me they wer eon their way up. She was so beautiful!! All dressed ina white jumper, with those HUGE dark brown eyes!! She came right to me. She snuggled right against my chest and there she stayed, all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She only cried a couple of times when she saw her nanny walk out the door, or when Brenda tried to play with her. I just sang in her ear and prayed for her, and she settled right down.I was an absolute mess!! After watching Wendy and Buddy receive Brett, I was a basket case. NOt to mention when they brought Adeline nito the room. Brenda captured the whole thing on video and we have tons of pictures!!!!!She fell asleep on the way to the hotel and then slept for another 1 and a half hours. When she woke up, she took a bottle! I was so excitedthat she took something! We changed her diaper and began to see the real Adeline come out. She started to smile at me and loves to see her reflection inthe mirror. I actually had her belly laughing a couple of times!!! I wa so releived to see her smile. The nanny said she would smile once she wamred up!! Done!!!She had a little hard time with going tobed tonight. Everything is so different for her. I rocked her to sleep finally after about 30 minutes. She is snoozing away rightnow!!She did receive the care package I sent. They returned everything but the photo album. I have a camera full of pictures I missed out on! I can't wait to get them devveloped!!!As for me, I am so exhausted rightnow, but yet so wide awake with adrenaline. I can't explain the feeling of seeing her come trough that door. I felt like she had been mine all along! All of my prayers were answered! I am so relieved that our first day went so smoothily. I had prepared for the worst, and got a great day!!! Thanks be to God!!!The pictures are still vry difficult to upload. I will try again, but no promises!!Thanks to all of you for you calls and emails!! I really need them. It is hard ot be so far away from you all!!Love ya,

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!!!!!!Date: 3/11/2006
Wow,The count down in months turned to days, has now turned to hours!!!! I am so nervous and excited, and scared all at once. I can't believe that in less than 24 hours, I am going to finally be holding my baby in my arms. So today, we tried to pass the time effectively. We visited the Great Wall and that was pretty magnificant. Brenda walked up 2/3 the way, while I was very wise and only went up 12 steps!! I am here in CHina for one purpose, and that is NOT to aggrivate my hip to beyond help. I passed the time shopping!!!!We also visited the Friendship store, which makes some beautiful Cloisenne!!!!! We toured how this is made, wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of pictures and video of that!!We finished with a run, almost litteraly, through the Summer Palace. It was so cold, and snowing!!! No one really wanted to be there. The nervous energy is rising in everyone.You can see and hear it. I know the heaviness in my chest is there!! A group of us is getting to gether in a few minutes to pray for each other as we are facing a huge day tomorrow, with many more to come.The people in this group are wonderful! We are really making some good friends. I know many will last the years!!!!Gotta run. Next post will be about my baby!!!!!!!Pictures are hard to do here. Hopefully they will be better in Guangzhou!!!!!!!!!Love ya,Tamie

Friday, March 10, 2006

Busy day, little sleep

Busy day on little sleepDate: 3/10/2006
Today was a busy day. It started out with me not falling asleep until 4am, after taking a sleeping pill. I only ended up getting 2 hours of sleep. Not a great start to the day.Besides being very tired, we have been busy. We visited Tienamen (sp) Square. We did not get to tour it because there was a Chinese Council meeting there, everything was closed off. We then went to Forbidden City.This was very interesting and beautiful. It was nice to look at, but did not really give me too much insight into what it was for. I will have to do some research on my own. It was VERY WINDY!! We went to a CHinese restaurant for lunch. They had dancers and performed while we ate. It was very nice! The food was great and it was nice to just sit and talk.After a couple hour break, we went to the Acrobatics show. This was amazing!! I can't believe what they can make their bodies do. I was in pain for them.I am having a hard time today, as I am really wishing I was in Guangzhou already. I am not here for a vacation, although I am enjoying the sites and learning about the culture. I am torn between learning what I can about Adelines heritage and wanting her in my arms. I know all will come in due time, but on very little sleep, my mind is not worth much.Tonight I am going to take 2 sleeping pills, and pray that I can sleep for a straight 8 hours. I will need this, as Sunday I will be leaving for Guangzhou and meeting Addie Mei for the first time.Pictures are taking a long time to upload, so do not expect a lot. Keep looking at her baby album. The rest of the pictures can be seen when we get home. I am hoping Guangzhou's Internet is better.Please pray for us as we are getting closer, and I think it will only get harder to be patient.Tamie

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Great first day

Great first day!!Date: 3/9/2006
Well, after waking up at 1am, then falling back to sleep, our day began at about 6:30. Neither Brenda nor I have had any problems with jet lag today. Maybe the "No Jet Lag" stuff we took on the plane really does work!!!We had a wonderful breakfast here. This hotel is amazing. It has only been open since October. They are taking great care of us.At 10am we were picked up by the China Care Foundation driver. We had a wonderful visit at their children's hospital. It wasn't anything like i had imagined. They have about 5 houses they have rented in a housing development. between 5 and 10 children live in each house. They have caretakers, or nannies, that work in each of these homes.These children are taken out of Chinese orphanges because they would die without the care they receive at the China Care homes. China Care gets them the medical attention they need. Once they are healthy again, or enough, they send them to foster care homes, until they can be adopted. It is amazing what they do!The director and his wife are great! They told me that Alex, my cousin, was a great value to them when he was here in January. He had built some much needed shelves in their warehouse. The shelves are loaded and they are so thankful. They think about him a lot.I think his presence here was a big help to me getting the grant they gave towards my adoption. The director said that I was a shoe in from the beginning of the long process for the grant. I asked why that was, and he said because they loved Alex!!My friends Tony and Roberta made it safely!! We are getting ready to go to dinner. Tomorrow we are going to the Great Wall during the day then an Acrobatics show at night. I am NOT going to try to walk any of the Wall. Brenda is, but my hip will not tolerate it. I am struggling today with it, as I thought I might. Please pray for it to settle down before I have to carry Adeline around. Check out Addie's baby album. I will try to upload pictures each day here. It is somewhat slow and frustrating, so so not expect many pictures. I will try to get at least three a day. No promises though!!Thats about it. Happy Thursday to you!!!Tamie

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Made it

We made it!!!!!Date: 3/8/2006
Hey everyone,We arrived in Beijing right at 3pm, 2am in Indy. All went well!! The flight was long but not too bad! We did get bulk head seating so my hip tolerated it ok. I am hurting pretty good, but hopefully it will settle down!!!We flew North out of Newark and went right over the North Pole, no Santa sightings.2 of the families will be recieving their children tomorrow. How exciting for them!!! Brenda and I will be going to visit the China Care orphanage in Beijing. They gave me a grant for this adoption and my cousin also wokred in this orphanage for a month earlier this year! I am excited to meet the people that wokred with Alex!!!! Also to see what the other half of the China Care organization is all about.We are exhausted, but we are here. Thanks for the prayers! We need it!! My friends Tony and Roberta get here tomorrow! I am excited to see them!!!!Til tomorrow,Tamie

Monday, March 6, 2006

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!Date: 3/6/2006
If I am not ready by now, I never will be!! I am all packed and waiting for my friend to get here from MI. ONce we get her things into the suitcases, we will be ready to go!!!The next post should be to tell you we made it to Beijing! An answer to prayer, is that we will have a laptop computer with us in the room so I can update much more easily!!! I am very thankful we will have a lot more flexibility as to when we send updates and hopefully, pictures!!Another answered prayer is that we were able to get the bulkhead seating for the long flight over the Beijing. This has much more leg room, and it will be very good for my hip to have this extra room to be able to stretch out. I am continuing to pray that we also will have this seating on the way home!! It will help to have a bit more room with Adeline also!!We are off!! Thanks for going along with us on the trip of a lifetime!!!Keep praying!!!!!Tamie

Sunday, March 5, 2006

35 hours to go!

35 hours to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!Date: 3/5/2006
I can't believe that in only 35 hours I will be boarding a plane to go to China to finally meet my daughter! I am in awe over this.This morning my friends and I went forward at church and had our pastor pray with us. We were surrounded by the people who love us and have supported us through every step of our adoptions. It was so comforting to know that they will be continually on their knees for us and for our little girls while we are gone.I will have a busy day tomorrow unpacking and repacking as I have to balance out the weight of my suitcases. The international flight allows them to weight 50 pounds, but the in China flight only allows 35 pounds. I want to know that we can make it with 4 suitcases, each under 35 pounds!Keep praying. Most heavy on my heart tonight is thinking about what Adeline is going to go through in the weeks ahead. She is going to be torn away from everything and everyone she has ever known. She is going to be so scared and miss them so much. Pray she is prepared by God for all of this!!Tamie

Saturday, March 4, 2006

3 days to go

3 days to go!!Date: 3/4/2006
Not too much to report today. I finally finished my To-Do list!!! I think the house is officially ready for a toddler to come tear it apart. I am giong to enjoy the last night I have to just relax and enjoy the quiet of the evening. I bring my dog up to my family tomorrow and tie up any loose ends on Monday. Now that things are winding down and getting closer, it is really starting to hit me that I am going to be a Mama!! I have prayed for this for so many years, and now it really happening. I know that I can't do it without my wonderful friends and family helping me along the way! I am so appreciative of each and every one of you!Keep praying!!!!Love,Tamie

Friday, March 3, 2006

Happy Birthday Mama

Happy Birthday Mama!!Date: 3/3/2006
Yes, today is my birthday! I am getting the very best birthday present anyone could ask for, My Daughter!!!!!! A bit belated, but worth all the wait!!A friend of mine blessed me with a very sweet e-card from Adeline! It was just perfect and I was so thankful for her sweet thoughts!!!Today I got lots of birthday presents. Ones you wouldn't usually get too excited about. Those BTDT's can understand though!!! I received my Visa's today!!I received my plane tickets today!!!I received my Final Approval and all of Adeline's original paperwork today!!!Fedex was truely my friend today! I have so much more peace knowing all is safely tucked away in my safe, in my house!!!! I spent most of the day running errands, getting Missi all of her shots and heartworm medicine. Easier to do this before Adeline gets home!!! I checked and double checked my Final Check list from FTIA. I have all of the paperwork in order and in the file I am supposed to bring to CHina. If I remember nothing else, I will be just fine if I remember to empty out the safe and bring this file and the money. I suppose the tickets and passports might help too!I actually took some time today to enjoy my birthday! I went out for lunch with a dear friend of mine and her two boys, and then also went out for icecream tonight with another wonderful friend the Lord has blessed me with!!! It was a great day and a very full day! My To-Do list is getting very short!! I am hoping to finish everything up tomorrow (Saturday) so I can just enjoy the last couple of days before I leave.Keep praying!! Never stop! Tamie

Thursday, March 2, 2006

5 days and counting, Travel Itinerary

5 Days and counting!!! Travel ItineraryDate: 3/2/2006
Wow, time flies when you have a lot to do!! I fininshed school today. It was a very intense day, as we finished a trimester today. There is a lot to do at the end of a trimester and to start a new one the very next school day. I am not begining the new trimester myself, but had to have everything ready for whoever will be taking over for me while I am gone.I received my final travel itinerary last night, and did not have time to post it. So here it is, hang on!!!!Mar 7th 7:45am Depart Indianapolis on Continental flight # CO2251W and fly through Newark to Beijing.Mar 8th Arrive in Beijing at 3pm (China is 13 hours ahead of Indianapolis, so it is 2am on Mar 7 in Indy)Mar 9th Meet up with rest if FTIA travel group in BeijingMar 10 and 11 Tour Beijing (Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Water Acrobatics Show)Mar 12 Leave Beijing to Guangzhou, arrive at 11:55amMarch 12 GOTCHA DAY!!!!!!!!!! Adeline and I will finally be united forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this will be after midnight Indy time on Sat night)Mar 13 Complete adoption registration, apply for Adeline's passportMar 14 thru 17 Get to know each other. Possibly visit her orphanage. I am working hard on this one!!Mar 17 Meet rest of travel group in GuangzhouMar 18 Visa Picture taken and Adelines Medical examMar 19 Free time (SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Mar 20 Visa Applications submittedMar 21 Group Adoption Oath taken at US Consulate, receive Adeline's VisaMar 22 Depart Guangzhou at 10:20 am (9:20pm Indy time on Tuesday Mar 21st)Mar 22 (Indy time) Arrive at Indianapolis Airport on Continental Flight CO2517W at 10:09pm!!!!!!! And the party begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mar 23 Collapse from exhaustion, with my baby in my arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everyone OK??? I am exhausted just looking at it. I do know that I have a lot of choices in what we do. Everything will be dictated by Adeline. Rest assured, my friend Brenda will NOT allow me to overexert myself!! She is my rock on this trip!! I am so thankful she is going with me!!!Pray hard over this itinerary! I know God is all over everything and He will guide us through whatever comes our way! It will be so comforting to know you are all praying for us!!!!Tamie