Thursday, November 17, 2005

Final Decision!!!!!!!!!!!

Final DecisionDate: 11/17/2005
I made the official decision to pursue adopting Chun Chan today. Actually the decision was made for me by God and those big brown eyes.I am still waiting on one piece of paperwork from the INS to send my dossier in to FTIA. As soon as that comes I will send it all off to the Chinese Consulate.My next step is to write my letter of intent to adopt to officially request the opportunity to adopt this precious little girl!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The Call!!Date: 11/16/2005
Yesterday, I received “The Call” that I have been waiting for from my agency telling me that they had a child for me to consider!! Yesterday was somewhat of a blur, as a lot happened in a very short period of time.Chun (pronounced “Chwin”) Chan (pronounced like “Chunk” without the K) is a 16 month old little girl living in an orphanage in the southern most part of China. She is absolutely beautiful and has the biggest brown eyes!! I was told by one of my friends down here that I am going to have a hard time saying “No” to those eyes. I think she is right!!! Chun has a slight deformity of her right thumb, which will be easily correctible.My doctor has reviewed her medical file and said she looks like she is in perfect health and her development is appropriate for her situation in an orphanage. I will be writing my letter of intent to adopt to send to China today after I hear back from one other doctor. Once I send that on, it will be a month or two until China responds back to me. When they say yes to me adopting her, I could travel to China within 1-3 weeks!!A wonderful story about Chun being meant for me is in regards to when she was found. I will name her Adeline Mei Chun Gipe. As I have said before, Adeline is after my grandmother, whom I was very close to. Chun was found on the steps of a hospital on July 25, 2004. They believed her to be one day old, so her birthday is July 24, 2005. The significance of this story is that my grandmother’s birthday was July 25th, the day she was found on the steps. This meant so much to me, I cannot even express it.Thank you to all of you have been praying so diligently for me and for this precious little one!! The urgency is now getting the rest of the finances together in a very, very short period of time!! I am still in need of roughly $11,000, and I will need $5000 of it when we make the travel plans and the rest, when I board the plane. God is faithful and I know He will provide!!!!