Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some pain, some joy...

We have had a very hectic last week in the Gipe household. As the school year winds down, it is always a little more crazy than normal, but this year was special. As the title to the post says, there has been some pain in our lives and joy.

Last week, I had to make a very difficult decision to put our beloved dog, Missi to sleep. She has been the best friend and companion any dog could be for the past 13.5 years. We miss her, but I know she is not in pain or suffering as she was over the past couple of months. Addie-Mei misses her coming into her room in the mornings when I wake her up. She is still processing what has happened to Missi, but she is doing well. Yesterday, she blessed me with a precious little picture she made on the back of a piece of paper she was drawing on. It was a simple face, with a line drawn to another simple face with 4 legs. She told me it was a picture of me walking Missi on a leash. She then told her freind that Missi is gone now, and her little friend came over and gave her the sweetest hug. Brought tears to me eyes to see a little four year old consoling the sad little heart of her friend.

On the same day that we had to say goodbye to Missi, Addie-Mei graduated from Preschool, the joy!!!! It was so cute to see the little caps and watch the picture slide show of the whole year. She has blossomed this year and I am so proud of her. She will be starting Kindergarden in the fall and she is so excited!!!

We got to celebrate with a trip to southern IN and visit some friends while enjoying Holiday World, an amusement park we Hoosiers love!!! It was a wonderful time with friends and travel!

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer together!!!!