Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So I have been a bit negligent with updating for the past few months. So sorry. We had a wonderful summer and fall. I will try to recap:

We had the wonderful opportunity to have a reunion this summer in PA with other families who adopted children from the same Social Welfare Institute as Addie-Mei. It was so precious to see the girls interacting and enjoying so much fun with each other. It was a double pleasure for us, as one of the precious little girls was also our sweet KK. She and Addie-Mei were cribmates in China. He mother and I had met online even before we had met our girls. We did not figure out their relationship in China until months after being home and looking at pictures the nannies had taken of the girls in the SWI before we traveled. Their connection is deep and it was obvious the moment we reunited them after 4.5 years. Addie-Mei and I have taken a trip to AL to spend a long weekend with them at their home. While in AL, Addie-Mei caught her fist fish, a HUGE striped bass. She even caught it on one of those little Disney reels :o) KK and her mom will be coming this way in November for a visit as well. A relationship that will prayerfully last a lifetime!

Addie-Mei has started first grade. She is doing GREAT! She loves her teacher, and loves her classmates. She is catching on to all the new concepts there are to learn in first grade. It is such a blessing to me to see her grown intellectually and emotionally. She continues to gain ground in playing the piano. She was blessed with a piano as a special birthday gift. (Mama found a great deal on Craigslist :o)) She loves it. This Christmas she plans on going to a nursing home to play the piano for the residents and also paint the ladies finger nails. She has such a sweet heart! Gymnastics also keeps her hopping, literally :o) She loves it and does well at it. I will keep her in the non competitive gym for now. We will see where her passion leads us.

This fall I took the opportunity to bring Addie-Mei to a Broadway Musical, Marry Poppins. It was a wonderful evening and a great show. Something we will both cherish for a long time. Sweet memories!

School for me is going great. I have wonderful kids and wonderful classes. I cannot complain :o)

I will try to post a little more consistently.

Tamie and Addie-Mei