Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer has arrived :o)


Addie-Mei has finished her first year of school and will be moving onto first grade. She did wonderful in Kindergarden. She loves school and loves reading, doing math, and figuring out how things work. She finished her year out with a sweet concert and a fun field day. I am so thankful my schedule allowed me to take the day off work and enjoy her field day with her.

We went on our annual visit to southern Indiana to meet up with a family we met in China, and a whole lot of other friends we have met through them. Our lives are truely blessed to have these wonderful families in our life! Addie-Mei has some wonderful teenage girls who have walked a similar path she has in front of her on her journey to understand her past. They are great for her :o)

Looking forward to a very busy summer with two very special trips, one to MIichigan and one to Pennsylvania. Will let you know how things go on these trips.