Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching up

We have had some fun times this past month or so. We had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Chinese New Year with great friends from our adoption playgroup. It seemed as though all had a great time and it was fun to see the kids all running around having a blast.

We also had the wonderful opportunity to go to Great Wolf Lodge with a dear friend and her foster son. The kids play so well together and we were honored to be included in celebrating his 4th birthday! Happy Birthday Timmy!!

We had a warm spell come through here and we enjoyed every minute of it. Scooters came out, dog got walked, lots of playing to be had! I was able to cut down our pear and one of our apple trees. Addie-Mei is allergic to bee stings, so the fruit on the ground under these trees was quite dangerous for her to be around. I hated to see them go, but I hated it more for Addie-Mei to not be able to play out on her play area.

Addie-Mei has been asking for the last 2 months to do gymnastics again. I finally found a place that I love. I do not want her in competitions yet, so I was selective on where she went. I was referred to a place where recreational gymnastics is taught and I really like it there. We have gone twice. The first time she was a bit overwhelmed to see all the equipment, but once she understood that she was not going to be doing the big stuff, she did better. Last night she impressed me. She actually jumped up onto the bar and help her body weight up for awhile. She also could hold herself up in a handstand against the wall. She is stronger than I thought. Of course she still only has 29 pounds to hold up. I will post some pics next week, once I take them.

I guess that is it. Have a great day!