Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas

In lew of sending out a Christmas letter and picture, I decided to update Addie-Mei's blog with the letter and pics. Saves paper, save time, and saves finances. I hope you enjoy.

2008 has been a wonderful year for us. God has blessed us in more ways than I can express. We have a wonderful family, great friends, and a wonderful home.

We did a lot of traveling this year. In April, we were able to take a vacation down in FL. While there I decided we would visit Disney World together, each for the first time. It was a perfect vacation. Each time something majical happened, I thought to myself how Addie-Mei would never have had these memories had God not led us together. It was such a special time. We were able to go to southern IN and visit with some dear freinds we met while in China who were in our travel group. It is very important for us to stay connected to Addie-Mei's roots as long as she wants to. The time we spend with this family is always precious! June brought us a trip to St. Louis for a conference I had. Addie-Mei came along and had a great time. We went on our first train ride together and she really liked that. The highlight of that trip was visiting the zoo. Addie-Mei LOVED the penguins.

In July we went north to MI for our summers ending vacation to visit with family and friends. We both cherish this time as we only make it to MI twice a year, and that is usually the only time we see our family. Addie-Mei got to experience her first camping adventure over fall break this past October. It was cold, it was rainy, but we both had a GREAT time in God's creation in our little tent. This child was created perfectly to fit into our family!!

As I said, lots of travel. Addie-Mei continues to flourish into the precious little girl God intends her to be. She is sweet, sensitive, loving, very kind hearted, and just a joy to be around. Her sweet little innocent voice can bring a smile to your face at any given moment. Especially when she is playing the "Don't you smile" game. She is doing great in school. She surprises her teachers on occassion with knowing how to spell words, or how to write her numbers even though no one has worked with her on this.

As for me, things all revolve around my sweet little girl. I continue working at Westfield High School. I was able to teach a new class this year that we created, Introduction to Athletic Training. It is nice to finally be able to use my athletic training knowledge in the classroom. I continue working part time in athletic training at a local junior high school. We are very active in our small group at church and with a group of friends who all have adopted children from China. Life is good down here in Indiana.

We both hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

God Bless,

Tamie and Addie-Mei