Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Festivities

Sweet Surgum

Tinker Bell

Pumpkin girl

What a pretty leaf

Swinging in the sun

Fall Fun

Mama, it is really cold today!!


My Hiking Girl

Nice family photo of the two of us

Beautiful fall colors

Addie-Mei and I have had a wonderful fall. We have had fun playing outside with the wonderful weather we have had. We also had Aunt Debbie come down for a visit and had lots of fun with her. We ended up going to Conner Prairie and Addie-Mei got to help make surgum. What a sweet treat!
Addie-Mei has had some fun with Halloween festivities this fall. She had a costume party at a friends house which was a blast. We are blessed to have so much fun with our friends.

We went camping down to Brown County State Park for fall break this past weekend. It was COLD and it rained a couple of times, but we had a BLAST!! It was Addie-Mei's first real camping experience and she loved it. We had the opportunity to do lots of hiking and enjoying of God's creation. When we came home she kept asking to go back camping. She had lots of Mama time and I had no chores to do, so we both loved it. Now it is back to reality and she is not liking it much.

For those who are following the Melamine contamination of milk in China, we are on the list of possible exposures. The formula used in Addie-Mei's orphanage is one of the brands found to have tainted batches. We will be having some testing done in the next week or so to make sure her little kidneys are healthy.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.