Monday, September 17, 2012


It has been about two years since I have posted anything on this site.  With the wonderful invention of Facebook, my family stays up to date on our happenings so I have neglected our blog.  I will give a brief overview of our fun.

Addie-Mei is now 8 years old and in the third grade.  She is a beautiful, sweet young lady.  She is involved in many things at school, including playing volleyball and the school choir.  She continues to grow in her relationship with Christ.  She was baptized on April 15 of this year.  A very special day for her and most of her family were able to make it down for her special day.  She also continues to be a part of our church's Easter Passion play, Behold the Lamb.  We love to serve the Lord together in this production.

We continue to enjoy our trips to Alabama each year to visit our wonderful friends, the Parkers.  We also enjoy going the other direction to the north to spend time with our family.  Addie-Mei was the flower girl in my sister Deb's wedding in August.  It was a wonderful day of celebration and fun!!

We added a new friend to our family on January 2nd of this year.  Star of Bethlehem, or Beth as we call her, is an 11 month old Black Lab.  She is fun and silly and fits into our family very well.  We are both enjoying her very much and Beth LOVES "her girl" as we refer to Addie-Mei.

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Teresa said...

She is growing up so fast!!! She is just beautiful!! Glad you updated the blog!!!